Week 8 – Rapid Ideation 2 [Part 2]

Coming into the second week of the Rapid ideation session, it was time for me to move on to the second task I had set out for myself. And that was to use the laser simulation in an attempt to recreate the gameplay from my original game.

  • S – 3D ‘Mirror Maze’
  • M – The final artefact should mimic aspects of ‘Mirror Maze’s gameplay in a 3D environment.
  • A – Using the Unity game engine and C# scripting.
  • R – To fit the constraints of this sessions theme.
  • T – The second week of the Rapid Ideation session.

The original game saw the player rotating the mirrors in order to bounce the light to hit a target. I created a simple character controller to allow the player to navigate the level, and a script to the mirrors to allow the player to interact with them.

Originally I attempted to implement a script that allowed the player to freely rotate the mirrors, fully showing off the laser effect. This proved too difficult to control however. Once more than two mirrors were introduced it became incredibly difficult to line up the mirrors in such a way that the laser would reach it’s target. It was because of this that I resorted to the original games method of snapping the mirrors to 90 degree increments.

Final gameplay

After adding some free textures to the scene from a site called ‘3dtextures.me'(“3D TEXTURES” 2021), along with some on-screen prompts and effects to add some polish, the prototype was complete. While I don’t feel the work that went into the prototype is fully conveyed in what is shown, I am still happy with the end product.


  • “3D TEXTURES.” 2021. 3D TEXTURES [online]. Available at: https://3dtextures.me [accessed 27 Nov 2021].

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