Hi, I’m Evan!

Game Developer living in Ireland


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About me

Hi, I’m Evan! After recently graduating from college with a first class honours degree I’m now look for an entry level position to give me a start in the games industry. Although my proficiencies lie in C# and the Unity game engine, I have some experience in several other languages including but not limited to C++, Lua and HLSL.

I’m constantly working on different projects and always on the lookout for the next opportunity to learn a new skill or to look at something from a different perspective. I recently started studying a Masters in Indie Game Development part-time at night in an attempt to develop my skillset.

Current Project

Alongside several former classmates from college, I am currently working on a first person horror game with the working title “Employee of the Month. Having started this during summer of 2020 and resuming development in the last couple of months, this is by far both the longest running and most ambitious project I have worked on to date. Although I play a part in most aspects of development my contributions mainly lie in:

  • AI state machines
  • Animation programming
  • Menus and UI
  • Controller Support
  • Texture and asset creation

Final Year Project

As part of the final year in my Bachelor’s I was required to complete a project. In order to both showcase the skills learned along the way and delve into areas not touched on by course material, I decided to compile a Unity prototype showcasing the following areas:

  • Branching Dialogue using XML
  • Randomly Generated Levels
  • AI State Machines
  • Shaders written in HLSL

Game Jams

‘Game Jam’ – an event in which video game developers work in groups to conceptualize, design, and build a functioning version of one or more game projects over a restricted period of a few hours or days
– dictionary.com